I. Rockin' the Classics


"Bouree." Stand up. 1969 Reprise RS-6360, US/ 1969 Island ILPS-9103, UK.

Source: J. S. Bach/Lute suite no. 1 in E minor, BWV 996, Bourree
Note: The album Stand up was reissued (1973 Chrysalis CHR-1042, US and UK). This instrumental is featured on Repeat: the best of Jethro Tull, vol. II (1977 Chrysalis CHK-1135, US/ 1977 Chrysalis CHR-1135, UK), on the live album Bursting out (1978 Chrysalis CH2-1201, US/ 1978 Chrysalis CJT4, UK) and also on the compilation Living in the past (1972 Chrysalis 2CH-1035 [2TS-2106], US/ 1972 Chrysalis CJT-1, UK). Another version of this instrumental features Ian Anderson with the London Symphony Orchestra on A classic case--the London Symphony Orchestra plays the music of Jethro Tull featuring Ian Anderson (1985 RCA Red Seal XRL1-7067, US/ 1986 RCA RL-71134, UK). An acoustic version is included in the box set 20 years of Jethro Tull (1988 Chrysalis V5X-41653, US/ 1988 Chrysalis TBOX-1, UK). A live version of "Bouree" also appears on A little light music (1992 Chrysalis F2-21954, US [CD]).

II. Classicizin' the Rock


The baroque Beatles book. 1965 Elektra EKL-306 (mono), EKS-7306 (stereo), US.

Contents: The royal Beatleworks musicke, MBE 1963: 1) Ouverture - I want to hold your hand, 2) Rejouissance - I'll cry instead, 3) La paix - Things we said today, 4) L'amour s'en cachant - You've got to hide your love away, 5) Les plaisirs - Ticket to ride -- Epstein variations, MBE 69A: Hold me tight (Murray the Klavierkitzler) -- "Last night I said," cantata for the third Saturday after Shea Stadium, MBE 58,000: 1) Chorus: "Last night I said" - Please please me, 2) Recitative: "In they came jorking," Aria: "When I was younger" - Help, 3) Chorale: "You know, if you break my heart" - I'll be back -- Trio sonata: Das kaferlein, MBE 0041/4: 4) Grave; allegro; grave - Eight days a week, 5) Quodlibette - She loves you; Thank you girl; Hard day's night
Note: Joshua Rifkin arranged Beatles' tunes in baroque style for his Baroque Ensemble of the Merseyside Kammermusik-Gesellschaft. The single released was "You've got to hide your love away/Ticket to ride" (1965 Elektra 45602, US).

III. Other Connections Between Rock and the Classics

A. Rock Groups or Artists Recording with Established Orchestras and Choruses


Procol Harum live. 1972 A&M SP-4335, US/ 1972 Chrysalis CHR-1004, UK.

Contents: Conquistador -- Whaling stories -- A salty dog -- All this and more -- In held 'twas in I: Glimpses of Nirvana, 'Twas teatime at the circus, In the autumn of my madness, Look to your soul, Grand finale
Note: Procol Harum recorded this album live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Da Camera Singers at Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Alberta on November 18, 1971. The album reached #5 on the Billboard pop album chart. The single "Conquistador/A salty dog" (1972 A&M 1347, US) reached #16 on the Billboard pop singles chart. This version of "Conquistador" also appears on Best of Procol Harum (1972 A&M SP-4401 [3529], US).

B. Rock Groups or Artists Appearing with Orchestras in Live Performance before an Audience


New York Rock & Roll Ensemble/New York Philharmonic Orchestra (February 8, 1969) Philharmonic Hall, New York City

C. Selected Examples of Rock Music Simulating a Baroque or Classical Sound/Structure


"Walk away Renee." Walk away Renee. 1967 Smash MGS-27088 (mono), SRS-67088 (stereo), US (albums); 1966 Smash 2041, US (single).

Note: This single reached #5 on the Billboard pop singles chart. The song features harpsichord and a string quartet. This song also appears on History of the Left Banke, 1966-73 (1985 Rhino RNLP-123, US).

D. Rock Music Influences on Classical Music

1. Classical Composers


Musen Siziliens (Muses of Sicily). 1968 Deutsche Grammophon SLPM-139-374, Germany.

Note: Henze once suggested that his secular cantata was inspired by the rock group Rolling Stones.

2. Classical Record Packaging


Heavy hits: great music that inspired today's hits. 1971 RCA Red Seal LSC-3211, US.

Contents: Strauss/Also sprach Zarathustra: opening fanfare -- Mozart/Piano concerto no. 21: andante -- Bach/Lute suite no. 1: bourree -- Satie/Gymnopedie no. 3 -- Bach/Brandenburg concerto no. 3: allegro -- Beethoven/Symphony no. 9: finale
Note: These are straight classical versions.

3. Rock Artists Appearing in Straight Classical Roles


Peter and the wolf. 1978 RCA Red Seal ARL1-2743, US.

Note: David Bowie narrates while the Philadelphia Orchestra handles the music of Prokofiev. The album reached #136 on the Billboard pop chart.

4. Classical Composers, Conductors and Performers in Rock Roles


Barcelona. 1988 Polydor POLH-44, UK.

Note: Opera star Caballe guests on this album composed and performed by Freddie Mercury (of Queen). Singles were released for "Barcelona" (1987 Polydor POSP-887 [7" single]; POSPX-887 [12" single], UK) and "The golden boy" (1988 Polydor PO-23 [7" single]; PZ-23 [12" single], UK). The single "Barcelona" reached #8 on the UK pop singles chart. The Barcelona album was released outside of the UK (1987 Polydor 837277-2 [CD]). The 12" single described above includes the tracks "Barcelona (original version)," "Exercise in free love" and "Barcelona (extended version)." The album Barcelona was later released in the US (1992 Hollywood HR-61366-2, US [CD]). "Barcelona" also appears on Barcelona gold (1992 Warner Bros. 9-26974-2, US [CD]) and on The Freddie Mercury album (1992 Parlophone CDPCSD-124, UK [CD]).